Current PREM students

Alexander EdmonsonAlexander Edmonson

Chemical Engineering

My name is Alexander Edmonson and I am a Senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. I was born in North Carolina in a military family with my dad still being active, so I have moved around quite a bit in my life. I enjoy doing research because I feel like I am helping progress whatever field I am currently working in and creating a whole solution or steps to a solution that only a handful may have tried.


Aaron Jones

Aaron JonesPhysics

My name is Aaron Jones. I am a Physics Major at Hampton University from Hampton, VA. This summer I will be attending the summer REU program at Brandeis University under the guidance of Professor Seth Fraden. We will be working on soft materials and chemical networks. My research interest is in subatomic particles and radiation. I plan to pursue a PhD in Radiology.




Larry Luster

Larry LusterChemical Engineering

Larry E. Luster is an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Jerald Dumas's lab, focusing on developing new methods of synthesizing bone-polymer composites. Larry's previous research experience includes a Research Experience for Undergraduates at Brandeis University as part of their MRSEC program. Larry became a part of the PREM program to continue developing the research skills he gained during his first REU at Brandeis. Currently, Larry aspires to pursue an industry career in Research and Development but has yet to finalize his career plans.



Janelle Mabrey

Janelle MabreyElectrical Engineering

My name is Janelle Mabrey. I am a freshman Electrical Engineering major from Suffolk, Virginia. I chose to become a part of the PREM program as a way to further connect with my fellow STEM majoring peers as well as a way to gain more opportunities for completing research. This summer, I will be working under Professor Seth Fraden at Brandeis University where I will be working on a project that focuses on creating reaction-diffusion networks using the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction.



Isaac Mukooza

Isaac MukoozaChemistry

My name is Isaac Mukooza and I am chemistry student at Hampton University and a proud member of the PREM program. PREM is an incredible program of like-minded people who love the sciences and mathematics and want to spread knowledge about STEM to the community. Personally, I joined PREM because I loved the idea that we combine our love of research with our dedication to service to the community. My project focused on copper (II) selective metallogels and these molecules have all kinds of biochemical applications to cancer research and time-release drugs. PREM has opened all sorts of doors for its students. I have travelled to other cities during the summer to participate in research projects such the REU program at Brandeis University. During our service events, I have met all kinds of young people in Hampton area who are interested in science - such as outreach events at the Boo Williams Sportsplex. It is exciting to know that our time with these students could have inspired them to pursue studying a STEM field later in life.


Jordan Nobles

Jordan NoblesComputer Engineering

I am Jordan Nobles, a first-year computer engineering major from Raleigh, North Carolina, and I am a member of the Freddye T. Davy Honors college. This past semester, I have been working in the Integrated Photonic Circuits and Systems Laboratory, under Dr. Geddis, in the recreation of the BZ chemical reaction. Our number one goal is to use a laser diode to control this reaction. I plan to graduate as a computer engineer in four years.



Susan Okrah

Susan OkrahChemical Engineering

Susan Okrah is a senior chemical engineering major. She is a top researcher both on and off campus. Susan joined the PREM program her sophomore year. As PREM scholar, Susan was able to conduct research at Brandeis University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research presentations have earned her top awards around the country including the Student Leadership Award for Research at the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) last year. Currently, she conducts research under the advisement of Dr. Jerald Dumas. After graduation, Susan is pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago.



Anais Rhoades

Anais RhoadesChemistry

I am Anais Rhoades, a freshman Chemistry pre-med major, Spanish minor from South Carolina. I am currently working with Professor Njoki on nanoparticle synthesis and application. Nanoparticles are essentially nano-size material, usually nano-size metals. The research entails synthesis of metal nanoparticles such as copper, silver, and gold to name a few. This semester the focus was synthesis and analyzing the particles of different reducing and capping agents under TEM and UV-Vis spectroscopy, as well as graphing absorption. My favorite part of research is analyzing the shapes from TEM imagery. I’ve always wanted to try research in some capacity and I like that PREM requires not only lab and research time, but outreach and volunteering too. I am excited for the opportunities to come.


Kristopher Small

Kristopher SmallElectrical Engineering

My name is Kristopher Small. I am a sophomore Electrical Engineering major from Jacksonville, FL. I joined PREM in the 2019 Spring term. I have been working with Dr. Otsebele Nare, researching on inter-facial studies between soft-materials and semiconductors with the goal to design a silicon CMOS based amplifier circuitry using electronic design automation software. After graduation, I plan on working for the Department of Defense while pursuing graduate school.




Past PREM undergraduates

Johnson Agyapong - PREM 2016 Undergrad

Johnson Agyapong


My name is Johnson Agyapong, a Ghana native and Bronx, New York resident. I am a second year student at Brandeis University and I am a biology major aspiring to become a medical doctor. 

I spent my summer as a member of PREM at Hampton University and I got the chance to do research in electrochemical biosensors. Aside from the research exposure, I got to explore different places such as Virginia, Georgia, and Washington D.C. Courtesy of PREM, my first research exposure was amazing.


Lauryn Alexander - PREM 2016 Undergrad

Lauryn Alexander

Forensic Chemistry

My name is Lauryn Alexander. I am a sophomore and a forensic chemistry major and Spanish and mathematics minor from Charlotte, North Carolina. My passion has been chemistry for a long time, and I hope to graduate with my BS, go to graduate school, and later on obtain my Ph.D. My goal is to work in the crime lab of the FBI. 

This summer I worked on creating a shape memory polymer with a temperature sensor. It was very difficult to achieve an SMP with a completely linear gradient due to the cold side repeatedly having a large gradient, while the hot side had barely a gradient at all. 

From my experience this summer, I learned the importance of shape memory polymers in the medical world. I also gained knowledge on how to use different machines for testing the samples. This summer taught me that although research may be difficult and strenuous, it pays off in the end when you get the result you've been looking for.

Shape Memory Polymers with Temperature Sensors (PDF)


Khaled Benaci - PREM 2016 Undergrad

Khaled Besnaci


Raised in Queens, New York, Khaled is a recent graduate of the fairly new Cambria Heights Academy. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in physics from Hampton University. 

While interning at Syracuse University, I used a digital mirror device in order to print 2D/3D constructs. Moreover, these constructs were used for vascularization and nutrient perfusion. Additionally, with the use of hydrogels such as Pegda and Gelma, my mentor and I were able to build the ideal channel that would allow for cell perfusion in mice. Throughout the course of the program, I learned that the main function of the digital mirror device is to fabricate micro channels with the projection of ultraviolet light as the source. Lastly, through PREM, I was given insight on the societal impact of 3D printing (i.e. hearts, lungs, kidneys, and other organs may be reproduced in the near future via 3D printing). 

The people in the photo are my research Professor Dr. Pranav Soman, Marcus Morton, and myself.


Antony Epps

Science/Physical Therapist

I am attending Southside Virginia Community College to get my associate degree in science. I plan on going to a physical therapy program either at VCU or Southside Regional. My passion is to help and motivate others.


Leila Hart

Leila Hart

Chemical Engineering and Liberal Studies

My name is Leila Hart. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I live in Georgia. I am enrolled at Hampton University majoring in chemical engineering and liberal studies, and may pick up a third major with a minor in leadership studies.

I did alot of research under my third mentor for the summer, Shelby Buffington. I worked with triple shape memory polymers. I also did a formal poster and presented my poster as well. My topic was 'Using Triple Shape Memory Polymers to Generate Complex Wrinkle Patterns".


Christopher Johnson - PREM 2016 Undergrad

Christopher Johnson

Electrical Engineering

I’m a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering at Hampton University. This summer, I worked with Dr. David Reinkensmeyer at the University of California, Irvine, in the development of a wearable device for stroke victims. My research interest lies in rehabilitation through robotics. I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in robotics.



Breyah Matthews - PREM 2016 Undergrad

Breyah Matthews

Electrical Engineering

My name is Breyah Matthews. I am a junior studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Nano-Science. This summer I participated in PREM at Hampton University. I contributed to a project with several other students under the guidance of Dr. Samuel. The project focused on electrospinning which is a fiber production method that uses an electric force to bond charged threads of a polymer solution. These threads are evaluated on some order of ten nanometers. An application of this production include filtration.


Marcus Morton 

I am currently working with Professor Pronav Soman on research for tissue engineering. I have helped by making 3D designs in a software called Autodesk Inventor that were then printed out in a dissolvable material. We plan to use these designs to make hollow passageways throughout hydrogels.


Raquelle Perry - PREM 2016 Undergrad

Raquelle Perry                  

Racquelle Perry is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is a recent graduate of Hampton University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology. 

As a student at Hampton Unversity, she was involved in a number of student activities to include: The Student Recruitment Team, the Caribbean Pre-Alumni Council, and the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. She is a member of Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Perry will be attending Georgetown University in the fall for graduate school.


Shakayla Robinson-Love

Chemical Engineering

I’m Shakayla Robinson-Love, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineer at Hampton University. I’m an energetic 19 year old that loves researching as much as I love spending time with my family.

I was a member of PREM this year with a dream to one day change the world and help people with cancer. My mentor is Dr. Cooper and I did research based on photoresponsive metallo gels this summer in Dr. Ghebre's lab.